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Quitting is a Life Long Journey.
On this site you’ll find support, tips, tools, and expert advice to help you or someone you love quit smoking.

As with any addiction, quitting smoking is a life long journey.

We are Bloggers who, unfortunately have the Freedom to work from home. With that Freedom comes the Benefit of endless and copious amounts of caffeine and nicotein. The two go hand in hand.

With time, we smartened up. We were getting to the age where it wasn’t enjoyable any longer. It seemed more of a habit than necessity. And, with the rising costs of cigarettes and the rejection from society – we set out to quit.

We used various methods. Gum, patches, cold turkey. Pure will power. We succeeded. Failed. Succeeded and Failed again.

One day it finally stuck. We went two years without one ounce of nicotein. We felt great. Then one day, out of the blue, stress hit. And I picked up a cigarette. I don’t know what it was. The memory of enjoying that stogie. The relief from stress I remembered. Let me just calm down with this cig. And, I tell you, it was disgusting and enjoyable at the same time. (As I’m sure you can relate). So, now I was hooked again and went on a hunt. Something lighter that tastes better. I discovered flavored cigarettes and I liked them.

For me, it was about the inhale. Rolling the smoke to the back of my throat and exhaling. More like a cigar smoker.

My better half got extremely firm with me and told me, you have to STOP again. You’re too old for this! So HE started buying me e-cigs. Unfortunately, they only lasted 3/4 of a day and were still quite expensive.

One day, a friend of his told him about Vape Mods. AKA E-Hookah’s. Small handheld devices that are rechargeable, can be refilled with any flavor fluid, you can even control the amount of nicotein you receive. (ie: If you smoke a pack a day, you start at the equivalent 24mg and work your way down at your own pace).

That was it for me. Once I heard that there are NO chemicals, like what big tobacco puts in e-cigs, I switched and haven’t looked back.

My Hookah (Hookie) is small & compact. I enjoy fruity flavors, with low nicotein (barely none). I learned that I was a mouth to lung smoker and customized my mod accordingly. I can use it anywhere as it is non offensive “sugar water” so the scent / odor is non intrusive.

So, we are here to share ours & others successes and failures with quit smoking, e-cigs, e-hookahs and other health related Topics. Stick around, something we say, just may help you out one day!

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